Sustainable forest management in Canada

Forests are part of the fabric and beauty of our nation. With a diversity of landscapes, our forests provide unparalleled recreational and economic opportunities, and important wildlife habitat. Canada is committed to protecting these values for future generations by sustainably managing our forests. (en anglais seulement).

Politiques en matière d’aménagement forestier au Canada 

Politiques en matière d’aménagement forestier au Canada سياسات الإدارة المستدامة للغابات في كندا 加拿大永續森林管理政策 加拿大的永续森林管理政策 Duurzaam bosheerbeleid in Canada Nachhaltige Waldbewirtschaftung in Kanada カナダにおける持続可能な森林管理政策 캐나다의 지속가능한 산림경영 정책 Políticas Canadienses forestales de gestión sostenible