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Canadian Council of Forest Ministers
SFM in Canada - Criteria and Indicators
Canadian Council of Forest Ministers

Canada’s national reports on progress toward sustainable forest management are based on the Criteria and Indicators Framework of the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM). This science-based framework is used to define and measure Canada's progress in sustainable forest management. The criteria represent forest values that Canadians want to enhance or sustain, while the indicators identify scientific factors to assess the state of the forests and measure progress over time. Several of these indicators have now been integrated into the annual State of Canada’s Forests reports.

The CCFM released its first framework of criteria and indicators (C&I) for sustainable forest management in 1995, and subsequent reports in 1997 and 2000. These were important steps in implementing Canada’s national and international commitments related to sustainable forest management.

In 2003, the CCFM reviewed its framework and released an updated C&I framework (PDF 2.8 MB). In 2006, the CCFM released its report on national progress toward sustainable forest management using criteria and indicators (PDF 11.2 MB or HTML), along with a summary report highlighting key trends and conditions (PDF 2.0 MB). In 2008, the CCFM published a follow-up report marking Canada’s progress toward sustainable forest management (PDF 4.3 MB) and, in 2010, it released a report on putting sustainable forest management into practice across Canada and beyond (PDF 3.8 MB).

The CCFM is also involved with the Montréal Process, which has established and is reporting on criteria and indicators for the sustainable management of temperate and boreal forests. The Montréal Process includes 12 non-European countries covering 90% of the world's temperate and boreal forests.

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Simon Bridge, Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada